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Amal Express is the first specialized community-based organization of its kind in Australia that provides remittance services to the African community, particularly to regions near the horn of Africa. The idea for Amal Express in Australia was a response to the growing demand for refugees to transfer monetary assistance to rural and very remote regions of African countries that had no access to commercial banks. The network that Amal Express became a part of in the late 1990’s provided the crucial ability for African migrants to support their family and friends from Australia.


AMAL Express is the largest Somali public company in the Hawala (Remittance) business with worldwide
network of associate companies and agencies. Amal Express, gave birth to the rest of the Amal Group of
Companies, which was formed in 1997 from the amalgamation of 13 individual Hawala firms.In merging
their capital and human resources, the founders of Amal express succeeded in establishing solid
financial and management base nationally and internationally, putting Amal express in the lead of the
Hawala business.

Amal Express Footscray

5/144-148 Nicholson street Footscray
VIC 3011
PH: 03 9689 0955
Mob: 0419304715

Amal Express Preston

296 High street Preston
VIC 3072
Ph: 03 94711287
Mob: 0432609465

Amal Flemington

27 Stubbs Stret Kensignton
VIC 3031
Ph: 03 93762222
Mob: 0403223924

Amal Werribee

Level1,1-3 Alexandra Ave
Hoppers crossing VIC 3029
Ph: 03 8742 4764
Mob: 0419304715

Amal Pacific Adelaide

3/52-54 Hindley Street Adelaide
SA 5000
Ph: 08 82118643
Mob: 0401088220

Amal Springvale

371B Springvale road Springvale
VIC 3171
Ph: 03 95408031

Amal Sunshine

4/254 Hampshire Road Sunshine
VIC 3020
Ph: 03 9312 6233
Mob: 0411486112

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